Kid's Zone is set up so that parents and children have a plain of sight view of each other, while parents train. Tv, toys, and books are all available for children to keep them company in a safe area. 

You can be billed up to $10.00 USD
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Kid's Zone-

Massage Therapy-

We have massage therapy available by appointment.  Pricing varies with each therapist.

Small Group Training-


Personal Training-

Elevate Functional Fitness is the home to a number of experienced trainers who have varying skill sets, and areas of expertise.  It is set up in a manner that allows each trainer to control their own schedules, and clients as well as run their books in a manner that they see fit. Pricing will vary from trainer to trainer, but prices are typically well below what clients face in corporate gyms. Also, we do not have long term contracts or commitments, which allows for much more freedom for the client.

The majority of our training is a functional approach. We all believe that this is the most effective way to train your body, because it forces a client to use his/ her core in every exercise.

We also offer small group personal training here. These small groups allow for personalized programs at a discounted price, as well as the opportunity to work in a more communal setting. Groups range from 2 - 6 people typically.